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Mountainscaping on a budget.

I'll admit that when we started the huge renovation of our house, the baby's room was the last thing on my mind.

Once we were coming to the end of the renovation, the baby's room was...the last thing on my mind!

How we used her room during the renovation - a spray booth!

It always seemed impossible to prioritise - no matter how massive my belly got, there was always something more important to be doing and I'd always "have time for that later". It wasn't until Joe and I were considering perhaps adding an arbor here or there in the garden, or some chalkboard paint on the wall in the kitchen that I thought I better make a start on this kid's room. Wall-scrawled shopping lists could wait.

Enter: My darling friend Charlotte. She is the talent behind the feature mural of our beautiful nursery. We both attended NIDA together in Sydney 9 years ago and have been friends ever since. Who else would you want to have paint your mural other than an award-winning theatre designer? Check her work out here. That wall was in the best of hands.

So Charlotte and her partner Cam came over, we cracked open the bottles of wine (and the grape juice) and got to work.

Charlotte sketched the mountains on a piece of paper and we transferred the design across to the wall. When I say "we", I mean to say that I stood and shifted on the spot and was generally unhelpful except for helping to "colour-in" at the end!

The colours were the toughest part to get right in order for the ombré effect to work properly. We originally started too dark on the bottom tier of mountains, and had to work out a paler colour that was still punchy enough to bring out the contrasts above it (there was an emergency trip to the paint shop for different shades!)

The finished product was truly beautiful and exactly as I had hoped!

Having come out of such a large renovation, furnishing of the room needed to come at a very low cost! I'm not ashamed to say we spent very little, with a mixture of second-hand and store-bought items completing the room.

I knew I didn't want a stand-alone change table as it seemed a waste of a piece of furniture if it had such a limited time-frame of usability. So I searched high and low for a dresser

that could double as a change table - of which there were many - and that also fit into our budget of less than $200.

I found this one on eBay, on sale because it had slight faults but to us it was perfect! The drawers can contain the change-table items such as baby wipes and nappy creams, as well as bibs, socks, cloth nappies and sleeping bags. My first choice was to buy some cute carved timber drawer knobs online but - dollars!!! So I ended up repainting the knobs to match the walls. We also have a couple of baby towels (in the colour scheme of course!) on rotation for June, which we use as changing pad covers. I didn't want to buy yet another thing that only served one purpose, so we rotate the towels for both bathtime and change-pad covers. We find the chance of getting poo on it is equal for either purpose! So we just wash them regularly.

- The lamp is from Target for the bargain price of $30

- The rocking chair I snapped up on Gumtree for $40

- The pom-pom blanket was bought on my local buy/swap/sell Facebook page. I hustle! - $40

- The triangular cushions were bought on sale at Kmart - $5 each

- The chair cushions are from Spotlight during their cushion clearance (I don't buy cushions at any other time!) - $20

- The bookshelves were from Ikea (although I bought them from my local buy/swap/sell page as well! $20!)

- The mobile is handmade and hand-painted by my hugely talented friend Lucilla at Cilka Baby. She generously gifted this to us when little June was born. She's a lucky little girl!

- The cot is from Ikea, although we got it second hand from a dear friend who gifted it to us for free! Win! Always buy a new mattress - there is some research that links SIDS with second-hand cot mattresses. I bought mine from Target after reading great reviews - $80

- The wooden blocks were from Kmart - $10

- I made the throw cushions myself on the morning of our baby shower! The room looked so bleak and empty without them and I was determined to fill that void! Fabric and cushions from Spotlight - $50

- The jute rug I bought cheap as chips from Fantastic Furniture - $40

So with the price of paint and furnishings, we did this room for just under $500. Make sure to hunt around - shop second hand and save the landfill as well as the dollars!

I need help filling the walls with more items. Let me know if you see anything you think would work!